Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to find Plus Size Dresses For Special Occasions ?

Plus size women are possibly all familiar with the impression of going shopping for that perfect outfit, only to find that it's not accessible in our size. luckily, the fashion world is catching up, and there's a lot more to buy than a floral print sack or a loose black dress. However, to find a flattering dress for your special occasion, it's still important to pay attention to your body type.

There are three general shape to plus sized women: apple, pear, and hourglass. Women who are apple shaped carry weight mostly centered about the abdomen and there often is little difference between waist and bust sizes. Pear shaped women have most of their weight about the hips and thighs, while hourglass women distribute weight between the bust and hips with a large difference between those sizes. Wearing a dress intended for a body shape that is not yours will result in a fit that is too tight in one place while too loose in another. Dressmakers have clothing that is so varied that the size number is almost irrelevant. Look into structured undergarments that are designed to smooth out the body line under the dress. These garments prevent lumps that distort the line and appearance of the dress. For years the plus size woman has been told that she must wear black to look a smaller size. Black does flatter some women, but some larger women would like to get rid of most of the black outfits. They yearn to wear color. There's really no reason not to wear color if you want to. Look carefully in the mirror as you create your outfit, and remember to balance your colors. Also, the bra that you wear will affect the lines of your dress and your overall appearance.

finally, do not fail to consider visiting the alteration shop. If you encounter a great outfit that does fit quite right, it may just need to be taken in a little bit. Fashions are intended for a nonexistent perfect body.

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