Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tips Women's Clothing For A Business Journey

Mainly if you are meeting existing clients.Looking professional means grooming is paramount. Clothes should be well pressed and fall flatteringly when you move.

First impressions count. So unless there will be an iron in the hotel room you will be staying in, or you intend to lug along an iron to press your clothing, or the hotel offers laundry services you can count on to get you in well pressed clothes before the meetings, avoid women clothes that crease easily.

For your jacket, skirt and pants, avoid 100% linen or 100% silk clothing as although they look and feel fabulous when well pressed, they wrinkle easily. Instead, pack in jackets, skirts and pants that travel well.

By the way, the most important piece of clothing you can pack into your suitcase for your business trip is a great jacket. That one jacket can smarten up anything, be it a dress, tank top and pants or camisole and skirt.

For this all-important jacket, go for one made of wool or at least a wool blend which falls flatteringly on your figure, yet travels well. Even artificial fibers like polyester and rayon travel well as they don't crinkle easily. A blend that of wool and synthetic fibers would travel well and may be just what you need for that business trip.

Pick at least 2 jackets in neutral shades. Black, navy, brown, white and gray are business-like colors that are easy to match. For women, these wool jacket would be wonderful. Next, pick camisoles and tank tops in colors you love. These can be worn under your jacket, paired with skirts or pants. Okay, you can get away with lycra blend tank tops and synthetics as these travel well too.

Still, if the weather permits, go for wool as natural fibers look and fall much better than synthetics. You can get wool clothing

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