Friday, February 15, 2008

Tips On Buying Casual Woman Clothing

Here are some fast tips to help you pick and choose casual clothing for women during sales and closeouts:-

observe the casual clothing before you buy

Before you pick it up, remember, the casual clothing that you’re looking at has been probably tested a few hundred times before this. So, a little bit of wear and tear on the casual clothing is to be estimated. If they’re not worn out or at least a little bit stretched, the casual clothing store probably won’t be putting it up for sale, don’t you think?

verify the seams and edges to see if they are OK. And if you want value for money, check for holes and detached labels and discoloration too. We know, it’s on sale and we should expect top quality casual clothing for that kind of pricing, but still, you want value attached to the casual clothing. Testing the casual clothing out before you take it to the cashier

Never buy casual clothing or any other types of clothing without testing them out first. The shape and size of your body is very different from the mannequin, so, take it to the fitting room and try the casual clothing out for shape and size. A time when you can test the casual clothing out.

Is the casual clothing really on sale?

Let’s say if I see a casual clothing that I like, I’ll go in and take a look and note the pricing. When they hold a sale or discount, I’ll know if they’re cheating or not. Some casual clothing stores DO actually cheat and they say their normal pricing is $49 when it’s only $35. it sounds petty and calculative, but hey, you want to get value casual clothing or what? Check out other casual clothing stores before you decide

This lesson, I learnt one time when I bought a fabulous and chic looking casual clothing blouse to the counter, paid for it, and walked out to see a similar casual clothing on sale in the store opposite the store I bought it from!

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