Monday, January 19, 2009

CLEARANCE SALE-Strapless Blue and White Dress (Fuss Free Apparel)

This strapless layered dress is perfectly tailored to add a touch of class to any occasion. Fully layered skirt makes it easy to wear while the contrasting tie makes it adjustable for every size. Knit/Spandex blend specially designed for limited ironing/maintenance. This dress can run small (depending on bust size), please contact us if you mistakenly purchase wrong size, for an exchange. At Reds & Blues Company, we believe in words like comfort, fuss free, convenient and of course, amazing! Every woman should have the opportunity to look incredible without the dry cleaning bill. We are as committed to designing unique, high quality and fashion forward clothes, as we are passionate in helping our customers eliminate the need for dry cleaners, hours of ironing and time spent dreading what to wear. Our mission is to simply supply the how to on dressing fuss free! We make it essential for our customers to realize you do nott have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Our goal is to inspire and educate women to start living fuss free, rid themselves of standard fashion hassles and look fabulous doing it. The name Reds & Blues Company is based on the moods of Truman Capotes character Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys, as she associates her feelings with various colors: green with envy, paint the town red, blue-blood and tickled pink. These are all metaphors that work psychologically and physiologically to shape our perception. That is why with every design created, how a woman is going to feel in the garment is just as important as the style and fabric chosen.

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