Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines Dress Idea

Well for those who have not yet fallen in love I would like to say that keep yourself open to receiving love and see what magical smile it will bring on your face. So, guys are you ready for the wonderful romantic date. Now guys and girls I know what you are you thoughts from the idea of going on a Valentine's Day date? Well I'm sure you people are thinking as to what to wear on valentine day am I right? So buddies' just relax I can help you find the accurate valentines dress.

If you are planing to go on a funky date with your beloved like going for a music concert or for a romantic film, then maintain a casual and freaky look. Girls can clothes tank top donned with a pair of blue jeans. For the hip hop style, you can wear dressy boots and trust me you'll look chic in this dress. Guys can opt for nice smart V-neck preppy top along with a pair of jeans because its denim denim everywhere so jeans is undoubtedly the best option.

Well teenagers, I hope you are taking note of the Valentine's Day outfits that I'm telling you. Now one thing that is very important to bear in mind, before buying a dress for valentine day is whether it's a daytime date or an evening date. Don't be in a state of dilemma I'll give you some ideas regarding what kind of dress to go in for if it's a daytime function. See the foremost thing is don't go in for any glittery wear, which is too shiny. Be casual and you can maintain little flirtious look. Girls ensure your comfort and therefore avoid wearing heels. The best option is to attire camisole with shrug. Team it with a pair of funky jeans. Do not forget to carry a smart bag along as it makes a great fashion statement. Guys you can maintain your sporty look with turtleneck or V-neck designer label t-shirt and you can attire jeans or go in for baggy pants.

Guys and girls you both need to dress up stylishly if it's an evening date. Girls should wear some heals and wear a nice prom party dress but please avoid body revealing apparel. I think the perfect color for an evening date is black. It's the most versatile color. And guys this is the time to flaunt your leather shoes. And boys no baggy pants at this time. Girls dress up in a feminish manner on this day. So I hope now you've got a clear idea as to how to dress up for the valentine's day date. So dress up simple, sober and smart and wear something that reflects your style and attitude and I wish you a very happy Valentines Day!!!

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