Monday, February 11, 2008

Newest Fashion Trends for 2008

You will find all the latest new fashion looks for Spring 2008 listed here. At this time, I sense a fashion exposure that brings a liberating breezy change. Spring 2008 is stuffed with fresh airy-light fashion in clear, bright, plain and solid colours. There is also exuberant pattern and print. With the new fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2008 you too can bloom anew. This garment collage above, illustrates the Spring 2008 colour palette. Full details of the retailers are given below.

2008 fashion colour is cheerful without being tawdry. The soft tones of sugar almond tints offer mellow contrasts to neon bright colours. Lemon, yellow and gold are colour trends that bring a glow of bright light to everything, especially to bags and footwear. The fashion Pantone's trendsetter tones for Spring Summer 2008 are clear and bright. Nautical and traditional looks offer navy, red and white as combinations ideally suited for both work and casual wear. The optical effects of these new arrangements of stripes and spots all add a classic edge.

For those who like understated looks, and are less fond of bright colours, then fashionable subdued colour schemes are for you. Black with white frequently adds a groomed and ladylike touch that exudes style and sophistication. Ecru, browns and olives are dominant colours for safari down-dressing and tribal looks.

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