Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Womens Shalincraft Caftans Dress Long Sleeve Evening Gown Multicolored Size XX-S

Caftan or Kaftan is a recent addition to Indian women's wardrobe. The dress concept has been borrowed from Middle East. However, the dress has also gone through certain modifications to adapt to liking of Indian women. There is a more elaborate tailoring, giving it sleeves, and bust and waist level fittings. This makes Indian caftans fit to be worn as an evening gown, or as a party dress. ShalinCraft caftans are unique as they are handcrafted by some of the finest weaving artisans of Gujarat. The embroidery and printing skills of Gujarati artisans are respected worldwide. The fabric is printed through block printing or through tie and dye. The artisans make the dress visually even more appealing through colourful patchwork and appliqué work. All of ShalinCraft caftans come in cotton fabric making the dress extremely breathable. When you wear ShalinCraft Indian caftans, you feel you are not just wearing a dress; you are wearing a work of art, a dress that has a soul.

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