Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alki'i Women's One-size-fits-all Tube Dress/Coverup with Peacock Print

beautiful tube dress with a highly durable elastic tube top to fit sizes 3-15. Wear it as a summer dress or a swimsuit coverup. The neck strap is removable. Be the envy of all your friends with these beautiful prints.

So I bought these dresses because at 6 months pregnant, finding clothes that fit during the summer time and that don't look atrocious is difficult, especially living in Japan. So I bought three of these dresses (at about 20 bucks a piece) from the seller and in my preferred colors. Not only was the service of the seller fast, but the product I received exceeded my expectations. You should probably note that at 6 months pregnant, I am 5'10 and hovering close to 200 lbs, so I was really concerned that these would look horrible. The opposite is true. Everyone who sees me in this dress (while noting my pregnancy) says they are very nice looking and the fit is very comfortable. The stretchy shirring on the top of the dress really does fit a wide range of figures. I am normally a size 14 and these dresses still slide over my pregnant belly and my hips (which were wide to begin with). They are very light and breezy and comfortable.

I would like to advise that once you get them to put them in a wash by themselves to let any colors that might bleed out, bleed out as well as maybe potentially putting some fabric softener on them to make them super comfy, but other than that, they are great. The dresses still come down to about my knees, despite my height and protruding belly and are just nice and comfortable to wear in the summer weather (it's about 90 degrees here).

Fun and colorful.. these dresses are great for the summer and easy to accessorize with. I might consider buying more than the three I already received!

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