Sunday, March 1, 2009

women Adult Flamenco Skirt - 9100

Product Description
Bal Togs eight gore Flamenco skirt features a 1" drawstring waistband and two decorative ruffles. Hand wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Hang dry or flat dry. Pastel leotards have full front lining.

Costumer Review :

I soo enjoy this skirt. It pretty, and I looove long skirts because they make me feel princessy and beautiful. I'm not all into the skimpy looks, though it is popular today. ( I'm into skirts that's at LEAST knee-length when sitting).
I got this for everyday wear, for when I want extra length of long skirts. I love that it nearly covers my feet ( I would have loved it more had it covered my feet). I got this in red, and I will also get it in white.
I do, however recommend getting it a size larger if you're not skinny. You can always fall back on the drawstring or safety pin it or something. I got it in large and barely fit into it. And I DID untie the drawstring knot before putting it on! My next order will be extra large.
I love how flowy it is, and when I spin around, how it spins around with me. That is far too important in a skirt when I choos what to wear when I go out dancing. I also love that Bol Tags made in a brighter red instead of darker red.
I am more than well pleased with Dance Discounts way of shipping. I got this a couple short days after the shipping, and I live maybe over 1K miles from California, where the company is at. This is my second order from them; the first was early this year, late last year. It was leg warmers, and got it just about as quick, if not as quick.
I highly recommend ordering from this company. But I will warn you some of the stuff can be a bit pricey, and I normally would not do $40 on a skirt ( that includes S & H). But I made this exception.

Tip: When you are NOT wearing this for flamenco dancing, and you are wearing it for other reasons, put an ankle-length or close enough to it nylon petticoat/crinoline under the skirt to make it pouf.

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