Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dancewear Choices - Getting The Right Outfit

When it comes to choosing dancewear, there are tons of wonderful options available! Have you have checked the dancewear shop in your town and found that nothing there appeals to your daughter? Well, don’t give up hope! You can find many choices for her to wear by looking through dancewear catalogs or sites online that offer exciting outfits.

Costumes for ballet can include leotards, tights, fishnet stockings, tutus, slippers, hair accessories, professional makeup, and bags for carrying all her supplies. What she will need depends on whether she will just be taking classes, or doing recitals or other special performances. Your daughter’s age group will also have an effect on what costumes she will be wearing.

This may sound overwhelming at first, but don’t panic! Undoubtedly, you won’t have to purchase all these things at one time. In fact, some ballet instructors order costumes for the entire class. This will mean great savings to you and the other parents.

Most instructors do not require that all the students wear professional makeup. Just check with her regarding makeup colors, etc., so that your daughter will look appropriate for her group.

If finances are a concern, you might discreetly discuss the situation with the instructor. She may know of previous students who have outgrown costumes that would fit your daughter. Buying them this way would be a fantastic savings on your daughter’s ballet dancewear.

Since young people grow so fast, the dance costumes would probably be gently-used and in very good condition. When your daughter outgrows them, you might even pass them on to another ballet student.

Just be sure to enjoy this precious experience with your daughter. One day she will be telling her own daughter about this special time in her life; and her daughter will be taking ballet lessons too.

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