Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fashion Looks for Spring 2008

Fashion trend for spring 2008 women dress, prints are painterly with fantastic expressive marks that suggest the luxuriant artist brushstrokes only found in hand painting. The ethereal coloured effects are of vibrant watercolour paints that are ripe with the botanical succulence of a cascading flower filled jardinière.

Look at for fabrics with super size cabbage roses, daisies, tea roses, orchids, poppies and exotic blooms. Look out for mass market versions of hand painted effects.

These blooms have varying tactile personality, ranging from flower petals that appear paper-dry like a pastel, silken like a wet paint petal, or like a vibrant effusion of watercolour like tints. Others have the chalky sheerness of pressed flowers.

Blossoms with paper-thin petal texture, glossy satin smooth buds and tightly bunched sprigs of every horticultural bloom imaginable, tumble down fabrics in summer garden abundance.

snoopy in fashion spring 2008

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