Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bridesmaids A Focus Attention

Wedding moment is not just whereby the bride totally steals the public interest. There are some cases when bridesmaids took all the attention from the guests. Some brides are very kind such that they want to give the bridesmaids the best gowns. They are chary with the dos and don'ts so as not to hurt the feelings of their friends.

Sometime the bridesmaids know their boundary and try not to be “prettier” than the brides. But in other time, it does happen as some bridesmaids are naturally prettier than the bride, even if they put on simple make-up. Even if so the bridesmaids naturally look more beautiful than the brides, some bridesmaids try not to stand too close to the brides so as not to compete attention.

Photographers also like the occasion to take photos of beautiful girls hanging around the wedding function. Have you ever seen a photographer who only captures shots of brides? Photographers are always on the move for interesting and pretty subjects, and one of them is the bridesmaids.

Here are things that bridesmaids can do before the wedding day:

  • what common color do they want to wear?
  • You are must talk about the details of wedding day so as to hand over roles and responsibilities.
  • Make sure the bride that she is the most beautiful lady on that day
  • Request the bride what color is her gown.
  • be natural and stay pretty.

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