Saturday, September 15, 2007

Women's Petite ThermaCheck® 100 Half-zip Pullover

Our improved fleece now resists static shock, static cling, and pesky particles like lint, pet hair and dust! The secret? Exclusive Nano-Tex® Resists Static, a nanotechnology (molecular science) applied to each fiber in the fleece. The fibers hold moisture at the molecular level so the garment itself never feels damp which reduces the build-up of electricity in the fabric. The resulting fleece looks, feels, fits and layers better and you can still count on that famous ThermaCheck® softness. Plus, the antistatic treatment will never wash out, so it will still slough off Fido's hair even when he's gone gray! The Half-zip Pullover is part of our ThermaCheck Sport collection, which is lighter-weight and thinner than original ThermaCheck making it ideal for layering and cool-weather exercising. Fits over a turtleneck. 100% polyester. Machine wash. Imported.

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