Sunday, September 2, 2007

Danskin Micro Fiber Cropped Leggings Tights

The time has come to give into the wisdom of the fashionistas and start wearing this seasons must-have item: leggings. Here are the perfect pair. Danskin HIPSTER tights. Light-weight with micro-fiber knit and a Coolmax gusset to keep you comfortable. These are perfect for Summer time - not bulky and hot like cotton leggings.

Maybe you haven't reached your potential tan, but still really want to wear a mini skirt: leggings. Maybe you have a dress that your mother (or boyfriend) insists is WAY too short: leggings. Maybe you forgot to shave this morning, or want to look sleek, slimmer, and in style: leggings. The urban, trendy answer to a lot of dilemmas.

These Danskin tights are not sheer -- they are opaque and have a thicker consistency than pantyhose.

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