Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dale of Norway Voss Sweater Women's

This magnificent women sweater is named after the charming mountain village called Voss in the Western part of Norway. Voss is located between Norways two most famous fjords: the Hardangerfjorden and Sognefjorden. In wintertime, Voss is a paradise for wintersports enthusiasts with its steep mountains and the variety of slopes for both cross country and alpine skiing. Many of Norways best wintersports athletes come from Voss. The local variant of Norways national Costume, the Voss bunad, is very popular and is by many ranked as the most beautiful in Norway. It is common that brides wear a special bridal version of the bunad and this is the inspiration behind our sweater Voss. Elements from the beaded pattern on the chestcloth and the bridal crone are incorporated in the design, as well as patterns from the shirt and apron embroidered in the special Hardanger technique. The heart is a popular symbol for the bridal costume and is often used both in the beaded pattern, the silver jewellery and the belt buckle. Thus it is natural that we use it in our special made clasps in the neck and on the cuffs.

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